A to B

Train journeys pacify

watch the terrain change and the hills rise

fall and flatten

observe the pattern left by vapour trails as they cross

and blend into the pale blue but mostly grey canvas

sit quietly in second class like the majority of the population

without leather shoes and briefcases

I sow seeds in too many places

roots spread sparsely

an accent which has grown undefinable

it doesn’t match any of these places

with stations in towns I’ve lived

But the motion is soothing

I am nowhere in particular

the golden void between

point A and

a tranquil space I hold dear to me

non-distinct, nor tangible

yet, abundant and large enough to pacify and hold

all of my attention

apart from the part of the mind which visualizes

what if point B were any of these places

with stations in towns I’d not yet explored

but the train journey almost always ends

before these thoughts manifest.