In the Absence of Streetlight

Swerving through roads unlit by streetlights
Liqueur and lust gushing through his veins.
Chemical confidence delivers him a sense of entitlement

The car rolls to a halt
Dark fields surround static wheels
No passers by
Her drink spiked
Fear rushes through her veins
Predator seeks his prey
Sparse fields with no person dwelling
Avoid any chance of her run and telling


Position of power

The smaller person in all but the physical sense

Carry your shame on your slouching shoulders

Which stoop lower as your sins manifest

Into your movements and thoughts

Into your nightmares and into your chest

Drink them down like the liquor in your glass


You cannot give back a childhood

Or resurrect how a loving home once stood

Though, once you know this truly

She will be stronger than you ever were

A woman now, she cries no longer

So, stoop low with your guilt glazed eyes

Continue being disenchanted

With your mediocre life

Understand you are the only person

Paralyzed by guilt

I am scarred but I am content

Something you will never be