I am a blind seamstress

For three years you watched me undress

You take pleasure in what I can’t see

Normalised to taking your word and consuming it, whilst the sentences consumed me

I am a blind seamstress

Wanting only to mend

Gentle hands work in the dark in fear of reprimand

Eggshells crunch beneath cold feet

Heightened senses, echoes loud

Overbearing so I can’t speak


Sometimes reduced to a whisper



But love heals all in good time


Even my wounds of mishaps with needle and thread

Skin like paisley, dappled crimson red


But I just wanted to fix and bind

Honestly, I didn’t mind

I didn’t mind until I’d tried every patchwork under the sun

I was so selfishly selfless because you said I was the one.

manchester in three ships

Houseplants in your fingertips

Bay window  s m i l e

Gardens in your palms


Sunshine in your irises

Sustenance in your lips


Time is irrelevant

Months pass like ships

those horizon-dwelling vessels, bearing knowledge and lessons


We watch them pass

Learning from what they sent