a swarm

people with reasons only they must justify

to leave their home

uprooted by corruption, oppression and warfare

show us the statistics which validate their

sub-human status which the misadvised

have already prescribed

already assigned

already denied to lend ears and hours of empathy

tell me their names

tell me their aspirations

tell me their fears

not in my name will you barricade this nation.


Dear Applicant


One hundred and thirty seven pence

The landlord will not debate

Or differentiate

Between my twenty summers

And twenty springs

And others’ twentysomething winters

And their twentysomething springs

I pay my rent, but first

Pay my good mind as a labouring entity

The bottom line must be precise

It cannot afford recognition of like-for-like ability

Sustenance never fails to forget my birthday

I am worth one hundred and thirty seven pence more in May

11th Bedroom

A bookshelf filled with knowledge

Supporting a globe, silver and grey


So saturated in life

Condensed into a sphere

With all shades of grey and silver

Borders divide river

Forest and marshland


Of families who reside

On arid land masses

Whose ancestors sung proud in an archaic tongue

Unknown to the ear of the present day young

Books beneath the globe

Tell all that was omitted

All that was permitted

By mortals

Who thrived on the same terrain

Who once felt they had something to gain

Entitled to a purpose