sometimes i keep a little distance

because i know

if i were to become familiar

with all your intricacies and imperfections

i might start to grow wildflowers

in what you see as cracks

all will the best intent

i might try to heal the raw skin underneath that mask


or, i might grow accustomed to only your fingertips

only your lips


then feel helpless when i realise

that there are some things i just can’t fix

it’s out of my hands but firmly in mind


your rituals might in some sense remind me of home

consoling without intent

heaven sent but earth taken


so, instead i keep some distance


light some incense


its out of my hands

but firmly in mind



the rest tend to speak of permanence not purity

promises not clarity

ultimatums, not trust

forgetting that we are all temporary

and that circumstance can be a beautiful and equally merciless thing

and that you can’t really promise me tomorrow, nor would i wish it

we knew this from the onset

besides, forever is a distorted concept

if you offer me today i will share with you these hours,

we can drink tea, converse and plant wildflowers

no more, no less – these minutes are mutually priceless

you and I are wonderful, but are not to be ‘kept’














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