In the Absence of Streetlight

Swerving through roads unlit by streetlights
Liqueur and lust gushing through his veins.
Chemical confidence delivers him a sense of entitlement

The car rolls to a halt
Dark fields surround static wheels
No passers by
Her drink spiked
Fear rushes through her veins
Predator seeks his prey
Sparse fields with no person dwelling
Avoid any chance of her run and telling




A child’s fingertips

On weighted keys of ivory

(the) bittersweet sound resonates

(with) my (the) inner child (which) contemplates


Each note unearths a void

(hidden) within a childhood which evades my recollection

Frustration crashes and floods into each vacant space

Yearning for (a) memory of a safe place

Unobtainable from where I sit

Each note surfaces a hit

A strike

An absence

Of something I know exists

Because my eyes observe it

Rushed into adulthood without a trace


Cocooned in structure

So fragile

Prone to rupture

Your sense of entitlement remains solid

Embedded like the foundations of your home

Permanent as the tangible entities


Your self-proclaimed success

Why do we crave security?

Does summer not follow spring each year?

We cocoon ourselves in structure


Therefore, fragile

Unforgivingly prone to rupture

Restrictive routines ripped at the seams

No entitlement with which to lean on

Once stripped bare

Of self-constructed layers upon layer

We are as vulnerable

And as free as we dare